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About us

Message from the Chairman

Mr.Sisira Wickramasinghe
(Chairman / CEO)

M.Com(R)(KLN), MBA(Malayasia), B.Sc. Business Administration (Hons) (USJP), MAAT, HNDA (SLTC) AMA (SCMASL), ACPM, CAF (ICASL), FCBA

As CEO, I am delighted to welcome you to IBA campus. This is an institution that, as for many years, has educated the students and whose performances have prevailed in various industries. Furthermore, I am proud to declare that we have established quite number of study centers in an effort to grant local students opportunities to gain better student experience within Sri Lanka.

We are also always striving to achieve more and enhance our reputation nationally and internationally. In particular, we are keen to develop new courses to attract a wide range of students, particularly at Undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Hither to, more than 25,000 students have completed their degree and professional programs successfully since 2002, and the majority of past students who undertook academic and professional level programs acquired the best knowledge and experience . We have a clear strategy to take us to 2020, based on a clear vision to in intellectual talent to make a difference to our city, our region and our nation.